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Image by Toa Heftiba

Deck Construction

An attractive wood deck adds value to any home. Ovi Painting provides custom deck construction to enhance your outdoor space. We work closely with customers to create beautiful, high-quality decks that suit the style of your home.

Over time, decks can develop issues like broken railings, dents, and more. Our deck repair experts can repair your deck efficiently, solving problems of all sizes. Whether you need us to replace a plank in the floor or fix a section of railing, we can help. 


We also offer deck pressure washing services! Pressure washing will remove ground-in dirt quickly to refresh your entire deck. We can also get rid of hidden dirt and debris lodged between wood planks. Regular maintenance will keep your deck looking good and ready for guests. It’ll also prevent more costly issues that can develop over time. 


If you want extra shine and color for your deck, our painters can apply varnish. Varnish protects the wood and makes it more vibrant than ever, emphasizing the natural wood grain. 


Call today to make your appointment in the Roswell, GA area! We’re passionate about helping clients create their dream homes.

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