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Drywall Repair

Drywall is vulnerable to issues like cracking and water damage. If your walls have seen better days, you can count on Ovi Painting to repair them. We’re drywall repair experts. 


We can repair cracked drywall by filling in the cracks. This is a minimally-invasive repair technique that we can finish quickly. For larger holes, patching is the best solution.

When your home has water damage or other major issues, we recommend a full inspection. Our carpentry expert can offer solutions to any decay or damage that has occurred. Drywall replacement ensures that your walls are free of the warping, rot, and mildew associated with water damage.


After we fix your walls, we can update your interior painting. Our team can match your current paint color or give your interiors a new look. We pride ourselves on creating smooth, perfect paint jobs that will hold up to daily wear and tear. Our painters are passionate about doing quality work. 


We can help you maintain buildings throughout the Roswell, GA area. Keeping your walls intact is an essential part of maintenance, and it prevents more serious structural problems from occurring. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation or request a quote from our team!

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