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Image by Nicolas Gonzalez


Fences are an excellent way to improve the safety and security of any building, whether commercial or residential. Ovi Painting is proud to offer fence installation for clients throughout Roswell, GA! We have years of experience providing deck construction and other building services. Our construction team works efficiently and always produces top-notch results.

A new wood fence is the perfect way to enclose a space. Commercial property owners love our fences because they offer some privacy and deter trespassing. A fence can also prevent pets or children from leaving the property. 


If your fence is old and could use some cleaning, we can help. We use a pressure washer to remove dirt quickly. We’ll eliminate even the most stubborn grime, making your fence look noticeably better. 


After you clean your fence, you may want to touch up the paint. Our painters can apply a new coat of paint to your fence to customize it. We can match the color of your home, for example, or choose a contrasting color. 


For more information, call us today! We’ll provide you with a free quote and set up an appointment to add a new fence to your home.

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