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Pressure Washer on Stairs

Power Washer

Power washing is the fastest and most effective way to clean dirty exterior surfaces. Ovi Painting uses a professional-quality power washer to scour away dirt, grime, and dust. It works well on rough surfaces that are difficult to scrub, including concrete, brick, and stone. Driveways and sidewalks are some of our most common requests, and the results are immediately noticeable. It’s a fast way to increase curb appeal!

Power washing is the perfect preparation for exterior painting. Power washing gets rid of dirt, cobwebs, and loose or peeling paint. When we’re done cleaning, your building will be spotless. The result is a smooth canvas for our painters. Paint adheres to clean surfaces more effectively, resulting in an even, long-lasting coat. 


We also offer deck pressure washing. Over years of use, your deck collects dirt and debris from constant exposure to the elements. Regular cleaning will keep your deck looking new and prevent the buildup of any debris or dirt. Guests will be impressed by your clean, welcoming deck!


We also power wash fences. As we blast dirt away, we’ll reveal a brighter, newer-looking fence. Our team adjusts the pressure depending on the type of material we’re cleaning to make sure we don’t damage anything.


Call today for appointments in the Roswell, GA area! We clean both homes and businesses.

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